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Understanding Autism

Building empathy for people with autism and families of people with autism.

About This Course

When you see a child in a shopping mall throwing a tantrum, what's your immediate reaction? Irritation? Annoyance? Why is this child causing such a ruckus? Has the parent been too lax in disciplining the child?

Now, what if you knew that the wailing child with his distressed parent at the side, has autism? How would you react differently?

Understanding Autism aims to build in the hearts of the community, a strong sense of empathy for people with autism and families of people with autism. From annoyance, to understanding. From understanding to caring. It makes for a more gracious and inclusive society.

This course is currently under development and is part of a collaborative effort between the teams from Autism Resource Centre and the Singapore University of Social Sciences.

The Course Motif is drawn by Rachel Fong, a graduate of Pathlight School. Rachel is now studying Digital Animation at The Republic Polytechnic. She has a strong interest in Japanese manga, and is intensely curious about all things goth.


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Dr LAM Chee Meng

Principal Autism Consultant, Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)

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