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Basic Data Mining for Decision Making

Course Fee: S$30 (excluding GST) Credit Unit: 1

Basic Data Mining for Decision Making

About This Course

This course introduces the definition and methodology of data mining as well as the major data mining techniques. Association analysis concepts, its applications, clustering concepts, applications and issues are discussed.

What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you should be able to

  • Define the various aspects of data mining
  • Describe the data mining methodology i.e. CRISP-DM framework
  • List the pre-requisites and limitations of data mining
  • Interpret the results of association analysis
  • Assess applications of association analysis
  • Assess applications of clustering
  • Interpret the results of clustering


Assessment Description
Online Quiz 10 Multiple choice questions

You must complete an online quiz with a passing score of 50% (i.e., 5 out of 10 questions). You will be given multiple attempts to achieve the passing score. The system will only capture the highest of the scores.


This course does not have any prerequisites.

Online Instructor

This course is designed for self-directed learning, there is no instructor for this course.

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