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Marital First Responders

Help someone through their relationship troubles by becoming a Marital First Responder.
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About this course

The Marital First Responder course is developed to enable participants to gain a deeper appreciation of their role as Marital First Responders (MFR) and equip them with core skills to perform their role effectively. Participants will learn about their role as an MFR and be exposed to the common marital issues faced by couples. They will learn how to communicate effectively with confiders to guide them to resolve their own marital conflicts by employing the following core skills – Listen, Empathise, Affirm and offer Perspective (L.E.A.P.) and Challenge, Advise and suggest Resources (C.A.R.).

Materials for this course are used with permission by The Doherty Relationship Institute.

What you will learn

  • List common marital conflicts
  • Distinguish between "hard" and "soft" problems
  • Describe the ways to handle marital conflicts
  • Describe intimate partner violence
  • Describe the situation when a confider is contemplating divorce
  • Explain the role of a "Marital First Responder (MFR)"
  • Recognise the ten types of unhelpful behaviours of friends
  • Apply the Level 1 core skills of an MFR - Listen, Empathise, Affirm, offer Perspective (L.E.A.P)
  • Apply the Level 2 core skills of an MFR - Challenge, Advise, suggest Resources (C.A.R.)
  • Explain how a Marital First Responder can maintain boundaries - Challenge, Advise, suggest Resources (C.A.R.)

Course writer

  • Dr Charles Sim, S.J.

    Head, Master of Counselling/Couple & Family Therapy Programme, Singapore University of Social Sciences

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  • Start: Available Now
  • Length: 3 hours
  • Price: N.A.
  • Course Provider: SUSS
  • Subject: Social Sciences
  • Language: English

Ms. Tan Yun Ru

6240 8810